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Woman Loses Taxi, Earns Ride to Jail

Told police she was attacked by man with gun



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    NEW YORK - MAY 22: A conventional-engine taxi cab cruises the streets May 22, 2007 in New York City. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on NBC's "Today" show today that he has ordered all city taxis to be hybrid vehicles by 2012. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

    Avid book readers enjoy narrative works full of creativity and imagination. Your local police, however, ask that you keep the fiction at home.

    Estrellita T. Fleming, 33, of Aurora, could face jail time because of her alleged dishonest account of an aggravated assault, reports the Naperville Sun.

    Just before noon on February 7, police officers responded to a call at the Route 59 Metra Railway commuter train depot. On the scene, they encountered Fleming, who reportedly said she had just been attacked.

    Fleming explained that, after a train dropped her off at the station, she had used her cell phone to call a cab to get the rest of the way home, police told the Naperville Sun.

    However, when the taxi arrived and Fleming attempted to get in the car, a man with a handgun shoved her out of the way and threw her down to the sidewalk, Fleming allegedly told police.

    That's one vicious commute.

    Fleming said the cab sped away, and she then called authorities, officials said.

    Police told the Naperville Sun that Fleming even provided a description of the attacker's clothing.

    But upon further investigation, officials found flaws in Fleming's story, and she eventually admitted that the attack didn't happen at all.

    Rather, the man beat her to her cab. No pushing, no gun, no assault. He was just faster than her.

    He was probably running from the lady with the crazy, angry look in her eyes.

    "She was upset that this guy took her cab," Police Cmdr Mike Anders, according to the Naperville Sun.

    Fleming is charged with filing a false report and now faces trial in court on a date yet to be determined.

    She's sure got one heck of a story to tell now!

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