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Wild Turkey Nabbed in Lake Bluff

"Sparkles" nearly outsmarted Wildlife Control



    Wild Turkey Nabbed in Lake Bluff
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    Fowl Play | A wild turkey made its home in the middle of a busy Lake Bluff intersection, causing general chaos for drivers and at least one accident.

    Animal rescue workers in Lake Bluff finally nabbed "Sparkles," a wild turkey that has been on the loose for more than 80 hours.

    Director of A-B-C Humane Wildlife Control in Arlington Heights, Garon Fyffe said he was beginning to doubt  that he'd ever outsmart "Sparkles."  He set out Cheerios and corn as bait for the wild turkey and after two tries Fyffe netted him, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    "Sparkles" will be relocated with other wild turkeys.

    Although spotting wild animals in Chicago is rare, it is not that uncommon.  Earlier this week an alligator was captured in the Chicago River after a couple called 911 reporting the sighting. 

    Cougars have also been spotted roaming the streets of the city's North Side, Wood Dale and Wheaton.