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What Would You Do For a Cubs World Series Win?

Ad for New Era Caps displays ridiculous lengths a Cubs fan would go to for a win



    Short of selling his or her soul to the devil, and by devil I of course mean William DeWitt, Jr., there isn't much a Cubs fan wouldn't do for a World Series title.

    The extraordinary lengths to which a Cubs fan would go to lead their team to that elusive win are highlighted in the second installment of an ad by New Era Cap company. Craig Robinson, funnyman from The Office, and Nick Offerman, Parks and Recreation comedian, are featured as Sox and Cubs fans respectively.

    The ad begins with a question from Robinson, "Would you give up deep dish pizza for life, if it guaranteed the Cubs a win in the World Series?"

    Offerman's dry reply? "I could stack up thin crusts, so yes."

    The stakes quickly rise from going cold turkey on deep-dish, to saddled pigs replacing cars, even to a wrestling match with brown bears - five brown bears, to be specific.

    It is the second installment of the series of ads from New Era Caps, the first of which featured the two actors in a classic smack-talk session, throwing around such disses as "Your infield has more holes than a Swiss cheese doughnut" and "The last time your lead hitter got to second base was at his high school prom."

    The ad debuted on New Era's Facebook page Thursday morning, where the first installment was posted on April 6.

    New Era is known for being the official MLB on-field hat company.