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Chicago Terrorist Set to Reveal Training Info

Spared the death penalty, David Headley is set to speak with Indian officials



    Chicago Terrorist Set to Reveal Training Info
    The Chicago man accused of helping organize the November 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges Wednesday.

    A Chicago man who pleaded guilty to terrorism conspiracies including the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai, India that killed 166 people, will soon start talking to foreign governments.

    David Coleman Headley, 49, was spared the death penalty provided he talks to the governments of Pakistan, India and Denmark about their terrorism investigations.

    Headley is set to begin speaking to India, a senior official told the Associated Press Saturday. He will not be extradited to any of the countries as part of his plea agreement.

    According to Headley, he attended terror camps from 2002 to 2005. He was trained in the merits of waging jihad, grenades, survival skills, combat, tactical training and counter-surveillance, reported the Sun Times.

    Headley’s debriefing with the foreign governments will take place in the U.S. and will be arranged through U.S. authorities.

    Although Headley’s plea deal bans his extradition to Pakistan, India and Denmark, the Indian Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram is still trying to extradite him to face charges in India. Prosecutors said Headley pleaded guilty to scouting targets in Mumbai before the bombings.

    He also admitted to involvement in a plot attack against a Danish newspaper, Jyllands Posten, because of their offensive cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.