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Weis Defends His Leadership

Rank and file prepare to protest



    Weis Defends His Leadership
    Chicago Police Superintendant Jody Weis weighed in on the issue of alochol abuse among CPD officers and said he is serious about cracking down on officers who get behind the wheel drunk.

    Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis this weekend defended his reputation as a leader in a letter he sent to the Chicago Sun Times .

    This letter comes as rank-and-file officers plan to protest Weis’ leadership and staffing shortfalls with a demonstration at police headquarters on Wednesday.  FOP President Mark Donahue told the Sun-Times he expects thousands of officers to show up to protest Weis.

    “Leadership is not about being popular.  It is about making difficult decisions and doing the right thing,” Weis wrote in the letter. "When I arrived, there was distrust between the residents of our city and the police department. I have worked hard to repair that trust."

    He said he doesn’t want the Chicago Police department to go back to “business as usual,"  when corruption ruled the day.

    Weis is not expected to survive as Police Supt. after Chicago Mayor Richard Daley ends his tenure.