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Dick Tracy Ready to Sue the Tribune

Warren Beatty and the Tribune Co. fighting over comic strip's rights



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    A still from the Dick Tracy movie.

    Calling Dick Tracy ... to court.

    Warren Beatty, claiming he still owns the rights to the popular comic strip, has been given the OK to file a California lawsuit against the Tribune, Crain’s Chicago reports.

    Beatty had acquired the motion picture and television rights for Dick Tracy in 1985, five years prior to starring in the multi-award winning 1990 film. Alongside Beatty, the Oscar-winning movie also starred Dustin Hoffman, Madonna and Al Pacino.

    Tribune says Beatty's rights have lapsed because the actor-director had not started work on a new project based on the character.

    Beatty filed a lawsuit a year ago in California state court, but it was put on hold by the bankruptcy of Tribune.