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Vote in the Buff

A new campaign exposes the benefits of the new absentee ballot qualifications



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    Step One: Grab an absentee ballot sign up.

    Anything that can be done naked is worth doing. Voting included. Just ask the folks behind the advocacy group, Vote Naked Illinois.

    "Voting is so easy you can literally vote naked in the privacy of your own home," says Kevin Hauswirth, Director of Advertising and Promotions at Roosevelt University,  who's helping to promote Vote Naked Illinois.  The group is attempting to battle low voter turnout by encouraging Illinois voters to grab absentee ballots and cast  ballots in the buff.  The campaign was designed to take advantage of a new Illinois qualification for absentee voters allows anyone to apply for mail-in form.

    "However," Hauswirth adds, "if you are going to the polls you definitely want to put on clothes."

    Organizers from Equality Illinois Education Project , who've also enlisted Roosevelt University and Rock the Vote to promote the event, have been handing out applications to voters around Chicago and providing instructions on how mail the applications in. The whole process is supposed to make it easy enough that voters can cast their ballot naked on their couch.

    The group's YouTube video debuted on Friday and has collected a total of 35,728 Page views.  Meanwhile the fan page on Facebook is already up to 480 likes.

    Hauswirth,  a professor at Roosevelt University, said he approached the Student Government about being a partner with the campaign. The university was happy to sign on as a co-partner.  Roosevelt's SGA will be hosting an event this afternoon and on Thursday to register people to vote and hand out applications for the ballots.

    Hauswirth says that students will be clothed at both events.