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Virus Attached to Swine Flu Emails



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    Commenters beware!

    Some pig-headed hackers are using fears about swine flu for devious means.

    Scammers are circulating emails that look like they originated from the an official source at the Centers for Disease Control.  The sender is listed as "State Vaccination H1N1 Program" and a link inside routes to a bogus, but official looking CDC site. 

    But its a hoax.

    "The only virus these scammers are interested in is the one they want to install in your computer, which could damage your machine," Steve Bernas of the Chicago chapter of the Better Business Bureau said to the Chicago Tribune.

    The message asks users to follow a link to a fill out a "vaccination profile" with the CDC.

    Bernas said the emails started appearing Chicago on Tuesday, but that its a nationwide problem.