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Video: Chicago Cops Humiliate Pittsburgh Student



    Video: Chicago Cops Humiliate Pittsburgh Student
    Can't take these guys anywhere.

    Jeez, you just can’t take Chicago cops anywhere.

    Police are looking into a video that shows a contingent of CPD officers allegedly forcing a college student in Pittsburgh to kneel for a photo after his arrest last month at the G20 summit.

    According to his lawyer, University of Pittsburgh student Kyle Kramer was forced to pose with the officers while still in cuffs for misdemeanor disorderly conduct and failure to disperse.

    Chicago Cops in Pittsburgh

    "He strenuously objected to being in the photograph," lawyer CrisHoel said. Kramer found being forced to kneel "demeaning," he said.

    The Chicago cops technically were not working for Chicago at the time.

    "The officers involved in this incident went on their personal time to serve as part of the G-20 Summit security detail," Supt. Jody Weis said in a statement. "The Chicago Police Department does not tolerate misconduct by any of its members regardless of where it might occur."

    The cops were paid by Pittsburgh to assist with security, but now Chicago’s police department is investigating the conduct.