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Victim Says Burglar Returned for Lost Item

Shot at suspects with paintball gun



    Victim Says Burglar Returned for Lost Item
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    Burglar with torch by window

    In a tale that just gets stranger and stranger, an alleged burglar returned to the scene of the crime.

    On September 13, a Des Plaines man called for a cab to pick him up at his sister's house. On the way to O'Hare, the passenger told the driver he had forgotten his computer in his vehicle back at the house, reports Trib Local, and asked the driver to turn around.

    The driver refused, saying he had another scheduled pickup, said police.

    A cabbie that passes up a longer route? Hmm...

    That night, someone broke into the garage of that same house. When the homeowner—the sister's husband—went to check it out, he was attacked and bitten by the burglar.

    The brother's description of the cab driver matched the homeowner's description of the burglar, according to Trib Local.

    The would-be burglar didn't take off with anything, but he may have left something behind.

    The very next night, the homeowner called police when he saw two men "wearing all black" in his backyard, reports Trib Local. One of them said something about a lost cell phone, the homeowner told police.

    What happened next was priceless though.

    According to Trib Local: "As officers scoured the area, a woman called the dispatch center and said she heard shots in the neighborhood, police said. The homeowner told police he had shot at the men with a paintball gun and chased them in his van."

    A paintball gun! Because when you want to send a message, it should be with a splash of color.

    Des Plaines police are investigating but cannot confirm if the two incidents are related.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.