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Bed it Like Beckham

Vi-Spring beds start at $4,575



    Bed it Like Beckham
    Sleep like a celeb.

    You dream of being a celebrity, but all you could muster was a turn in your high school musical.

    Not to worry, now you can dream LIKE a celebrity.

    Up until now, bed maker Vi-Spring didn’t offer the option to buy one of their famous beds in a retail store. But they’ve changed their tune, and the company that supplies sleepers for the stars will sell its made-to-order beds for the first time in the United States at Chicago Luxury Beds at 440 N. Wells.

    The beds are all handmade and filled with stuff like cashmere and natural fibers.

    Go ahead, fantasize about fame in the same bed Paris Hilton sleeps in; ruminate on riches in the same bed as David Beckham.

    But don’t expect to sleep like a star for a song. Vi-Spring beds start at $4,575.

    Them’s Diva prices.