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Vandals Target North Side Parking Meters



    Lakeview resident: "I hope they bash more." Emily Florez reports. (Published Thursday, March 20, 2014)

    Chicago police are looking for the vandals responsible for damaging several parking meters this month on the North Side of the city.

    Police say 13 of the meters, owned by Laz Parking, were broken between March 12 and 14.

    The damage rendered the meters completely inoperable, with the vandals breaking the display glass, credit card readers and display brackets with a "blunt instrument or tool."

    But because of general anger at the increased cost of parking, not everyone is sympathetic.

    "I hope they bash more, personally," Lakeview resident Jim Sykes said. "I think they're ripping us off. I hate to say it, but Rahm Emanuel sure isn't doing anything to undo what Daley did."

    While resident John Jewell doesn't sanction the crime, he does believe something positive may come from the situation.

    "I don't advocate vandalism or stealing from the city, but maybe it will start conversation about why people are upset about the parking situation," Jewell said.

    Police are asking anyone who witnesses someone damaging a meter should call 911 or detectives at (312) 744-8263.