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Uncle Sam Wants U (of I) for U.S. Army

New research center helps the military fight battles and keep peace



    Uncle Sam Wants U (of I) for U.S. Army
    A new research center at U of I will help the army in battlefield situations.

    The University of Illinois will soon "be all they can be."

    The U.S. Army will build a new $16.75-million research center at the university, which will be full of computer scientists from across Illinois, the University of California-Santa Barbara, and IBM.

    The new Information Network Academic Research Center will develop technology for computer networks crucial to battlefield intelligence, combat operations and humanitarian support.

    "Modern warfare and military missions demand superior mastery of information and data of various forms," said consortium director and Illinois computer science Professor Jiawei Han. "Most existing network modeling and analysis methods consider homogeneous, static networks. However, networks in the real world are heterogeneous, interacting and evolving."

    The squad of scientists will create analysis methods that will study the real-world challenges of growing and changing networks.

    The new research center is part of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory's Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance (NS CTA) Program. The collaborative alliance investigates the information distribution and network challenges of difficult environments.

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