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Team USA Making Waves

Nearly half of Midwestenr Olympic athletes and Olympic hopefuls are competing in water sports



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    The Midwest may not have the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific or Atlantic Ocean anywhere nearby, but Midwest Olympic athletes and hopefuls aren’t letting that keep them from representing the middle states in the journey to the London Olympics.

    With representatives headed to London in water polo, rowing, sailing and the triathlon and hopefuls competing in diving and swimming, water sports represent nearly half of Midwestern Olympians and Olympic hopefuls.

    Mike Alexandrov, former Northwestern University swimmer, began competing in the final weekend-long swimming Grand Prix Thursday, competing with famous Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

    In previous Olympic tournaments, seven athletes secured their place in the London events: Bob Willis in sailing, Ross James, Grant James, Amanda Polk and Kristin Hedstrom in rowing, Melissa Seidemann in water polo and Gwen Jorgensen in the triathlon.

    With diving and swimming Olympic trials set for June, Midwestern hopefuls are making waves in competitions leading up to London 2012.