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Hooray! U of I Tuition Hike Scaled Back

Tuition hike expected to stay below 10 percent



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    Don't be so quick to cheer for the ouster of the U of I board.

    The freshman 15 (or 20) will be more like the freshman nine for future University of Illinois students.

    Interim President Stanley Ikenberry scaled back his tuition hike prediction from 20-percent to about 9 or 9.5-percent, according to the Sun-Times.

    Ikenberry frightened untold future Illini students when he uttered the words "20-percent hike" to the Champaign News Gazette back on March 1. He tells the Sun-Times that prediction was “primarily presidential error.”

    The tuition hike applies to all incoming freshman at all of the University of Illinois’ campuses. The rate will be locked in for four years.

    “This is a tough time for students and parents”, said Ikenberry to AM580 News. “So we’re trying to make the decision as early as we can, so they have a basis to plan, but also to hold that number as low as we responsibly can make it.”

    The State of Illinois owes the University about $464 million.

    U of I trustees are scheduled to vote on a tuition recommendation at a meeting in Chicago on May 20th.