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U of I May Try Three Year Degree Program

"Time is money," prez says



    U of I May Try Three Year Degree Program
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    The Wall Street Journal compiled a list of "meccas" for college graduates, and Chicago barely made the top ten.

    Many college kids are familiar with the five-year plan -- the time line preferred by slackers the world-over.

    The University of Illinois is turning that logic on its head in a bid to lower college costs, the Sun-Times reports.

    U of I officials are pitching an accelerated three-year degree program so students can save on living expenses and get into the job market faster.

    "Time is money,'' interim President Stanley Ikenberrysaid to the paper. "One of the hidden costs of college is forgone income.''

    Ikenberry asked university staff to investigate the proposal and report back to the board by fall. The school is looking for all sorts of ways to make and save money.

    Logistically, the onus would be on the student to pull off the maneuver.

    While the five-year plan puts an emphasis on good times, bar crawls and destination spring breaks, the three year plan would require students to attend school full time without summer vacation.

    Most students would have to jump right into college the summer after graduating high school, instead of waiting till fall like most traditional programs.

    Obviously the idea won’t work for everyone.