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Twinkies Make a Comeback in Schiller Park



    Twinkies Make a Comeback in Schiller Park
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    A Greenwich company is behind the plan to save Twinkies.

    Rejoice! Twinkie lovers. 

    The spongy, sweet treats disappeared from shelves late last year when the Hostess company closed rather than comply with demands from the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers International Union.

    New owners, Hostess Brands LLC—Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management LLC is tweaking the recipe slightly, according to the Wall Street Journal. They will not use union labor to power their plants, said CEO C. Dean Metropoulos, including a soon-to-reopen location in Schiller Park. Other factory locations include Columbus, Ga., Emporia Kan. and Indianapolis, Ind. 


    Union bosses claim the company will not be able to attract the skilled labor required to power the bakery machinery, but Metropoulos is confident they can find the right, non-unionized workers to get the factory moving again. And soon. 

    The Hostess company once employed 19,000 workers, 15,000 of whom were unionized.