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Victims Hold Intruder for Cops

Alleged trespasser's bond is set for $1 Million



    Victims Hold Intruder for Cops
    DuPage County Sheriff's Office

    A Stone Park man was held down by residents of a home he allegedly trespassed in until police arrived and formally arrested him.

    Marcelo Arellano-Garcia, 21, was arrested and charged with a felony count of trespass to residence and a misdemanor count of battery after he allegedly entered an Addison home near Lake Street and Route 83 Saturday morning, DuPage County Sherrif John Zaruba announced Monday.

    One of the people living in the home called the Sheriff's Office at around 7:30 a.m. to report the alleged trespass, and police arrived shortly to find the Stone Park man being physically secured by some of the house's male residents, officials say.

    Arellano-Garcia's bond is set for $1 million, and he will be held in the DuPage County Jail until he is next due in court on July 26.