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Traffic Stop Turns Into Surprise Baby Delivery

A Cook County Sheriff’s officer found himself coaching a delivery from the back seat of a car last week in Stickney



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    Talk about perfect timing.

    Cook County Sheriff’s Officer Michael Kizaric was in the middle of a traffic stop last week in south suburban Stickney when Jonathan Martinez ran up, saying his wife was in labor in the back seat of his nearby car. 

    Moments later Kizaric found himself in the middle of an emergency baby delivery, police say.

    By the time he arrived, Patricia Ramos, 25, was in labor and wasn't sure she'd make it to the hospital in time. 

    Kizaric coached dad-to-be Martinez through the labor, and after the baby emerged, Kizaric contacted dispatchers to tell them the newborn girl was breathing and appeared to be OK. 

    They wrapped the new baby in a sweatshirt until the Chicago Fire Department arrived and took them to nearby MacNeal Hospital.

    In a police statement, Officer Kizaric described the experience as “intense.”

    Martinez, Ramos and their daughter were discharged from MacNeal Hospital on Friday.