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Toddlers Dropped Off at Wrong House

The day care driver dropped them off at the wrong house



    Toddlers Dropped Off at Wrong House

    Two toddlers are in protective custody Saturday after a van dropped them off at the wrong South Side home.

    "My niece called and said are your twins with you?" said the toddler's mother, Lanicka Taylor. "Your kids’ faces are all over Facebook."

    Taylor said that when the twins were not home by 7 p.m. she called the day care provider to ask when her children would be dropped off. According to Taylor, the provider said that the kids were safe and would be dropped off later on.

    "I know her," said Taylor. "I thought with all the snow maybe she was going to keep them until the morning."

    Instead the toddlers were taken to a house on the 7100 block of South Normal Avenue.

    An alert from Wentworth Area detectives said that someone in a white minivan had left a boy and girl, both believed to be two years old, on the street in the bitter cold Friday night.

    Police said Saturday morning that a van did drop off the two toddlers, but they were dropped off at a home.

    Gloria Kincaide said a neighbor called her complaining about a minivan in front of her house honking repeatedly, so she asked her 15-year-old son to see what the man wanted.

    The man in the minivan told the nephew that the two young children were related to someone in the home.

    "By the time he came down, from what my neighbor and my son told me, he was really bum rush with the kids, he didn't know what to do," said Kincaide about her son. "He brought them in the house because it was cold and snowing, then the guy pulled off."

    Kincaide then came home shortly after and called the police.

    The two children were taken by paramedics to Saint Bernard Hospital, where they were found to be in good condition, police said.

    Meanwhile, Taylor did not receive the text from her niece until late Friday. She said that she immediately went to the police station to pick up her kids but was told the twins will remain in protective custody until Tuesday.

    DCFS has taken protective custody of both children and Wentworth Area detectives are still investigating the matter.