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Tinley Park Police To Auction Off Vintage Machine Guns

Tinley Park Police look to auction off machine guns for $70,000



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    One police department's trash is another man's treasure.

    The Tinley Park Police office's stock of vintage machine guns is being auctioned off as collector's pieces to bring in an estimated $70,000 for the department, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    The department wants to sell off a collection of machine guns stored in its armory inventory. The set includes two Thompson "Tommy" submachine guns and four Vietnam-era M-16 rifles that were preserved and maintained in the department for years.

    Police Chief Steve Neubauer told the paper there's "no use for weapons like these in 2012." Neubauer noted the guns were strictly military surplus, devoid of any historical value and have never been used in police combat. Guns acquired in investigations and for evidence typically are destroyed or returned to owners.

    Nonetheless, the vintage weaponry is still highly coveted among collectors and is estimated to bring in about $70,400, a profit the Tinley Park Police plans to use toward a new vehicle and replacement LED light bars for its existing police fleet.

    The guns were acquired through a U.S. government exchange program in the 1960's as army surplus and have not been used since.