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Fourth Teen Charged in Beating Death of Derrion Albert

Police were able to use a video of the incident to identify the assailants



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    Eugene Riley (L), Silvanus Shannon (C) and Eugene Bailey (R) are each charged with the first degree murder of 16-year-old Derrion Albert. Not pictured is Eric Carson, 16.

    A fourth teen has been charged in the vicious beating death last week of 16-year-old Fenger High School honors student Derrion Albert.

    Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16, were all charged as adults earlier Monday and were ordered held without bond.

    The fourth man, Eugene Bailey, 18, was charged Monday evening with first-degree murder and is expected to appear for a bond hearing Tuesday.

    Police were able to use a video of the incident to identify the assailants, but Bailey's mother isn't buying it.

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    "He's not guilty.  He wasn't no where around there on the premises or none of that.  (Derrion) was his friend," said Eva Greyer. 

    She said she hopes police will find the "right person."

    "You just can't go around taking innocent people's lives because you're too lazy to do your job," she said.

    Bailey's brother, Levar Johnson told reporters Monday afternoon that Bailey was at home during the attack.

    "People at the fight will tell you that he was not there," he said.

    Relatives of a Albert's believe he was beaten to death on his way from school for refusing to join a South Side gang.

    Gang members apparently tried to recruit Derrion Albert, then punched and kicked him in a vacant parking lot when he would not, a spokesman for Albert's family told the Chicago Tribune in an article published Friday on the newspaper's Web site.

    "He was just a nice young man that grew up in the community," said the Rev. Victor Grandberry of the Fenger High School student. "Folks just bullied on him, they tried to rob him, they tried to do everything they can."

    The sophomore was walking from school in the Roseland neighborhood to a bus stop when the attack occurred around 3 p.m., police said.

    "He didn't have nothing to do with it," Grandberry said. "He tried to avoid it, but he couldn't avoid it."

    A camera attached to the Agape Community Center captured at least part of the attack, said the center's executive director, Milton Massie.

    "It was mob action, basically a bunch of kids, some coming from the east and others from the west on the street, fighting," he said.

    The violence began with about 10 teens, with more than 50 quickly joining in. Most of the participants used their hands and feet, but at least one person wielded a 2-by-4, Massie said.

    "It wasn't until the cops drew a gun and one kid was tasered that they started to run and scatter," Massie said. A police spokesman said Friday that authorities had not taken anyone into custody.

    Meanwhile, police are investigating the incident, including video allegedly taken by a person at the scene.

    The video, which shows several people beating and stomping a person believed to Albert, has been turned over to police.