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Thief Steals Firefighters' Dinner

Fire Department says robbers usually take TVs or VCRs



    Thief Steals Firefighters' Dinner
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    ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - JANUARY 31: A firetruck departs its firehouse enroute to a call January 31, 2005 in Arlington Heights, Illinois. According to an analysis by The Boston Globe, firefighters are showing an alarming drop in response times to calls and barely over a third of calls nationwide are meeting national standards for response time. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

    This burglar was not invited to dinner at a Chicago firehouse. But he served himself anyway.

    Someone broke into the Engine 26 firehouse at 10 N. Leavitt on the Near West Side Tuesday around 9 p.m. and stole their vittles, the Sun-Times reports.

    It happened while firefighters were responding to an accident call on the Eisenhower Expressway, said fire Lt. Frank Burens.

    They returned with thoughts of making dinner in their heads, but they noticed the food was gone from a communal locker.

    The thief pushed in a screen and forced opened a back window, according to police.

    It's not the first robbery to happen when crews leave stations unattended.

    "They've taken TVs, VCRs, gone through lockers, grabbed personal items," said Fire Department spokesman Joe Roccasalva.

    But not this thief.

    The robber apparently only wanted to satisfy his thievery with a meal not the station's valuables.