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Was Theo Epstein Spotted in Chicago?



    Was Theo Epstein Spotted in Chicago?
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    Hmmm, was that Epstein, or wasn't it?

    Was Theo Epstein at Wrigley Field on Saturday, perhaps for a quiet job interview?

    There's no real evidence that he was, no confirmation from him or the Cubs. But one Lakeview resident and lifelong Cubs fan tells the Tribune he's sure he spotted the Boston Red Sox general manager in a Starbucks in Lincoln Park.

    Noah Pinzur tells the Trib he's "99.9 percent sure" he spotted Epstein and his wife at the Starbucks.

    Pinzur says he went up to the man and asked him point-blank if he was Epstein, which the man denied.

    "I get that a lot," the man told Pinzur. "Who is Theo Epstein?"

    Pinzur says the claim of ignorance sealed the deal in his mind. Plus, the woman that Epstein -- or his doppleganger -- was with looked a lot like the real Epstein's wife.

    After the conversation, the man got into an SUV, in which he was a passenger, and was driven north on Racine Avenue, "in the direction of Wrigley Field," Pinzur said.

    Reports have already been circulating that the Red Sox would allow the Cubs to talk with Epstein about their open general manager job. But the Sox have not confirmed those reports.

    On Friday, though, Red Sox principal manager John Henry told a Boston radio audience, "Theo is not going to be the general manager forever."