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New Yorkers Give Their Take on Deep Dish



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    Chicago may not have had home-court advantage in the latest pizza throwdown, but that didn't stop deep dish from coming out ahead of New York pizza.

    City pizzerias and deep dish lovers can rest assured that it appears the Windy City’s cheesy goodness continues to rank above New York’s, even as far as some New Yorkers are concerned.

    After a new pizza joint debuted in New York, featuring Chicago-style deep dish, BuzzFeed decided to pit the two cities against each other once more.

    The news site sent four New York City-based editors, including one from Chicago, to sample the latest deep dish craze in the city.

    While initial reactions appeared, well, no-so-promising, with the editors calling the pie “an above-ground swimming pool full of tomato sauce” or “sloppy,” the end results were surprising.

    One editor described the Chicago ‘za as “surprisingly delicious for something that looks like an alien bread bowl” and another said they “loved it in the way people love their significant others, flaws and all.”

    While two of the four taste-testers could not justify calling the deep dish pie a “pizza,” the end results were in Chicago’s favor.

    Sorry New York, but we’re not sorry.