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Thank You for Shoveling!



    Thank You for Shoveling!
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    If this little kid can do it, you can, too.

    No one is looking forward to shoveling the snow that's falling, but a transportation advocacy group is trying to get the message out that good shovelers are good neighbors.

    The campaign, launched recently by the Active Transportation Alliance, provides downloadable "thank you" fliers for residents who want to express their appreciation to those who clear their sidewalks of snow. It also provides people with fliers that offer friendly reminders to those who haven't yet shoveled as their neighborly duty. Both fliers are available in English and Spanish.

    "We’re asking that you do the neighborly thing and keep your sidewalk clear,” Ron Burke, executive director of the Active Transportation Alliance, stated in a release. “Snow- and ice-covered sidewalks force people into the street and discourage them from walking."

    But apart from being neighborly, the flyers also remind people that Chicago law requires you to shovel your sidewalk.

    The Active Transportation Alliance, a non-profit, member-based advocacy group that promotes bicycling, walking and public transportation, is North America's largest transportation advocacy organization.

    The campaign encourages Chicago area residents to:

    • Print out fliers that ask their neighbors to keep sidewalks clear from snow and thank them for doing a good job.
    • Learn about their local snow removal ordinance.
    • Find out how to bring a snow removal law to their community.

    Burke said snow- and ice-covered sidewalks can be a major impediment for anyone, but especially for seniors, people with disabilities and children who rely on clear sidewalks for essential trips in their communities.

    Chicago residents may call 311 to report sidewalks where snow and ice present barriers to getting around.

    The Chicago Department of Transportation is rewarding businesses that clear their sidewalks. Residents can nominate local businesses and organizations that do an exceptional job of removing snow at

    The group does encourage anyone with health issues to check with their doctor before shoveling.

    The fliers can be found at the group's Web site,