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Texting Man Pulls Bank Prank; Police Don't LOL

Girlfriend didn't get the joke



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    When a Crest Hill man texted his girlfriend about a bank robbery, he was J/K, but police weren't LOL.

    When a Crest Hill man texted his girlfriend, he was J/K about a bank robbery, but police weren't LOL.

    Jeremy S. Donaldson, 33, was inside a Harris Bank branch in Joliet just before 1 p.m. on Monday. Outside, his girlfriend sat in the car and waited, wondering what was taking so long.

    Donaldson, bored in line, sent her a cell phone message as a prank.

    "He sent her a text message saying a man with a gun was inside the bank," said Deputy Chief Mike Trafton.

    But the 36-year-old woman didn't realize it was supposed to be a joke. Faster than you can say "OMG," the girlfriend called 911 to report a bank robbery, and several police quickly showed up.

    "We take any such report very seriously and had a very heavy police response with many officers rushing to the bank," said Trafton.

    The Joliet police weren't laughing, and neither was Donaldson. He was arrested on a felony charge of disorderly conduct and booked into the Will County Jail.

    His only message now is "BRB."

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