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Testimony Wraps Up in Yang Trial

Prosecution witness testifies shooting victim tried to shield unborn baby



    Testimony Wraps Up in Yang Trial
    Chicago Sun-Times

    Closing arguments will begin Tuesday in the Marni Yang trial, the woman accused of fatally shooting Rhoni Reuter, former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle’s pregnant girlfriend.

    Yang’s attorney’s called three brief witnesses Monday before resting their case. Yang’s mother, Francine Merar, a neighbor who testified she didn’t hear gunshots on the morning the shooting occurred, and an officer who investigated the crime were all called to the stand.

    Merar testified that Yang asked her to hold on to a box of guns three months before the murder for safekeeping, but the box wasn’t touched until police came looking for it three months after the killing.

    The prosecution wrapped up its case during the morning session, including testimony from a pathologist who said that Reuter tried to shield her unborn child from the bullets by wrapping her left arm around her abdomen.

    Testimony Wraps Up in Marni Yang Trial

    [CHI] Testimony Wraps Up in Marni Yang Trial
    Jury could get case Tuesday.
    (Published Monday, March 14, 2011)

    "We’ve been extremely satisfied with all of the evidence we’ve been able to put forth at this time," prosecutor Patricia Fix told NBC Chicago.

    "I think that no defense is better than an attempt at something," said Shaun Gayle’s attorney Donna Rotunno, who is monitoring the trial her client's behalf.

    Yang, 43, had been involved in a sporadic sexual relationship with Gayle but has denied being committing the murder. Prosecutors contend Yang carried out the killing because she was jealous of Reuter’s pregnancy and long-time relationship with Gayle, a member of the 1985 Super Bowl-winning team.

    Yang Defense Tries to Damage Witness Credibility

    [CHI] Yang Defense Tries to Damage Witness Credibility
    Christi Paschen initally claimed to know nothing about death of Rhoni Reuter.
    (Published Friday, March 11, 2011)

    The jury could get the case as soon as Tuesday afternoon.