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Ten Questions for the Parking Meter "Green Team"

Who thought this was a good idea?



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    Excuse me while I ask this guy.

    The company that took over Chicago’s parking meters in a shady backroom deal is trying to save a little face after hitting a snag with the public over the program launch.

    LAZ Parking, who paid $1.15 billion for the 75-year lease, has deployed the "Green Team", an army of T-shirted “ask me” agents who are hanging around parking meters to answer any questions parkers might have.

    The "Green Team" is a bit bored, however, because no one really has any questions, according to the Trib.

    "There's not very much to do," one Green Team member told the Trib. "It's a lot of waiting around for someone who needs help."

    To help them deal with the boredom, we thought we’d come up with some questions for the parking meter know-it-alls.  Feel free to pose your own query in the comments section.

    1. Is the “Green Team” paid in quarters?
    2. Have you heard more questions or more insults?
    3. They say you can’t sit down on the job. Do you eat standing up?
    4. Can you tell me why the deal was forced through City Council?
    5. Did you see Mick Dumke give it to Ald. Bernie Stone on Chicago Tonight?
    6. Where does the “Green Team” park?
    7. What’s to stop me from printing my own tickets at home?
    8. What happens if I accidentally run into a meter and destroy it?
    9. What's the top parking related question in Chicago?
    10. Does Mayor Daley plan to don a green shirt and answer questions, too?