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Teens Give Up Gadgets for Good Cause

Students locked in school without tech



    Teens Give Up Gadgets for Good Cause
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    It's difficult for us to imagine a day without our electronic gadgets. But for a teenager? It seems downright impossible.

    And yet, a number of students at Rantoul Township High School are taking on the challenge of living without their technological doodads for five days.

    That means no texting, no jamming to mp3 tunes, and no Facebook.

    To add to this "torture," the students aren't allowed to go home. They'll be living, eating and sleeping in the school building for the five days.

    Why are the teenagers putting themselves through this?

    It's all part of an event called "Senior Survivor," a fundraiser for earthquake survivors in Haiti.

    The National Honor Society is sponsoring the event and hopes that, without the gadgets they've taken for granted, the participating students will have a small idea of what many Haitians are facing.

    "It's all supposed to raise awareness of what the people of Haiti are going through," adviser Mary Anne Ross said, according to The News-Gazette.

    Throughout the week, the students will also face "Survivor" challenges.

    Maybe one of those challenges involves solving advanced geometry in French while avoiding a dodgeball.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign. 

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