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Teens Dumped Feces in Pool: Police

Water had to be "super-chlorinated"



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    Tile work alongside the pool. The project cost about $5 million, through city funds, state grants and donations.

    Think your day is crappy? Imagine the poor folks who have to clean this mess up.

    Five teenagers were arrested for trespassing and vandalism after allegedly dumping a 55-gallon can of trash and animal feces into a Mount Prospect pool.


    On Sunday, August 1, park district officials had a nasty surprise waiting for them when they went to open the Lions Park Wave Pool that morning.

    "It was discovered when we opened the pool on Sunday at about 6 or 7 a.m.," Walter Cook, chief executive officer of the Mount Prospect Park District, told the Daily Herald. "It was a heck of a mess and we had to close the pool for the day. We didn't have a choice."

    Police who investigated the scene said a 55-gallon trash can—full of garbage and 30-40 bags of dog feces—had been rolled over an eight-foot fence and tipped into the pool.

    You know what they say. One man's trash is another man's.... eh, maybe not.

    Piotr Kolodziej, 18, and four juveniles (ages 17 and 16) were arrested, due in part to an anonymous tip, police told the Daily Herald.

    In addition to pool-cleaning costs, the Lions Park Wave Pool reportedly lost nearly $3,000 in revenue, which park officials may seek in restitution.

    That's a lot of flipped burgers.

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