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Saved! Cops Catch Highway Pooch

Pooch nearly run down by a semi



    Saved! Cops Catch Pooch After Near Miss by Semi

    With tires screeching and smoking, a semi truck nearly misses a stray pooch who got loose on the Ike for the second day in a row. (Published Thursday, April 29, 2010)

    Note: Check the video! A semi, with smoke spewing from its tires, nearly strikes the pooch -- but the lil' guy dodges at the last second. 

    It took more than two hours, but authorities managed to corral and capture a stray dog seen running down the expressway the past two days.

    Choppers followed the dog on both occasions and news outlets broadcast the doggie drama live. There were plenty of thrills to go around as the dog weaved in and out of traffic.  

    The pooch was first spotted by traffic helicopters Thursday at around 6 a.m. as it trotted down the outbound Eisenhower Expressway beginning at 25th. Along the way he evaded IDOT trucks, jumped concrete barriers and nearly missed being hit by a semi-truck (at about the :40 second mark of the video above). The initial jog lasted about an hour, before the dog took the exit at Wolf Road and hung out at the baseball field at Proviso West High School for about 45 minutes.

    Authorities tried to capture the dog at there, but the dog evaded them and returned to the highway. It appeared to be hit by a small car when it returned to the highway, but continued running along the inbound Ike.

    Clearly exhausted he exited the highway again and eventually strolled into a neighborhood. That's when three police vehicles began to tail him at slow speeds. After a few minutes of chase the officers coaxed the pup into a police vehicle and drove off.

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