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Taft High Senior Wins Election for Council Seat



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    Goron Davidovac
    Goron Davidovac (left) and Marko Delic, 18, both won seats on the Taft High School council.

    Soon Marko Delic, a senior at Taft High School on Chicago’s north side, will have more school work than just math and science.

    The 18-year-old just ran for and won a seat on the Taft School Council as a community representative.

    “I think I broke a barrier,” Delic, who won after a Thursday evening vote, said. “I think I’ve done something that kids don’t do.”

    School councils are the site based management team for each school in the Chicago Public Schools system.

    Their primary responsibility is to select the school’s principal, renew the principal’s contract, approve the School Improvement Plan for Advancing Academic Achievement and approve the school’s budget for the school year.

    Delic, a three sport athlete at Taft, was encouraged to run by his friend Goran Davidovac after a conversation they had about funding for underclassman sports.

    “I was really upset because CPS Schools are making budget cuts and they’re not giving schools enough money to fund freshman and varsity sports,” Delic said. “I was hanging with Goron, and he said. Why don’t you do something about it?”

    So he did.

    “You should have seen this kid campaign,” Davidovac, who also won a seat on the council said. “He knew how to greet the parents walking in to pick up the report cards. And when they said ‘what can you do?’ he ran them through the issues.”

    Delic, who knocked off 21-year incumbent Jim Delmedico, assumes his post in July, just after graduation.

    He hasn’t ruled out a run for higher office in the future.