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Suit: Red Light Cameras "Lucrative Scheme"

South Suburban Chicago couple claims red light cameras are unconstitutional



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    A couple filed a lawsuit Friday claiming that the installation of red light cameras in south suburban Chicago Heights is a “lucrative scheme” to collect money.

    Lawyer Patrick J. Keating and his wife, Elizabeth claimed that they received a red light violation that occurred May 20, according to the suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.

    While representing himself July 14 at the hearing date, Keating claims that he was threatened with arrest by the presiding hearing officer and physically intimidated and assaulted by a police officer, the suit said.  

    He could not assert his defense and was improperly adjudged liable, the suit said.  When Keating told a clerk he intended to appeal, he was advised he had 30 days to submit payment.  

    Keating claims that he has not received any “notice of final determination of liability” or any copy of the decision, according to the suit.

    The suit claims that Chicago Heights has initiated a lucrative scheme to use red light cameras to collect $100 “civil penalties” from the owners of vehicles who make right turns at red lights.

    The four-count suit seeks to have red light cameras declared unconstitutional, as well as $476 in damages.