Subway Employee Fined $75 for Calling Customer a Terrorist - NBC Chicago

Subway Employee Fined $75 for Calling Customer a Terrorist

Local man from Pakistan approached while enjoying lunch



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    A Waukegan man was just trying to enjoy a meal at Subway when someone asked him if he was a terrorist.

    Zohaib Khan said he was approached by Subway employee Arjunsinh Sindha on May 5 and lobbed with a question that took him aback.

    "I heard you guys were recruiting more terrorists in New York. Are you one of them?" Khan, a Pakistan native, quoted Sindha as asking, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Sindha, 64, was charged with disorderly conduct for the incident at the Subway restaurant at 2302 Green Bay Road.  He was convicted of the ordinance violation at a bench trial Thursday before Lake County Associate Judge Helen Rozenberg and ordered to pay a $75 fine.

    "I feel very good that justice is served and the judicial system responded. There is no excuse for racial remarks," Khan said, according to the Sun-Times.

    The incident occurred just days after a car bomb was left in Times Square in New York City.