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Subway Beats McDonald's Worldwide

The sub chain had more restaurants across the globe than the burger giant last year



    Subway Beats McDonald's Worldwide
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    Subway vs. McDonald's? Looks like the $5 footlongs have it.

    Subway had more restaurants worldwide than the Oak Brook-based McDonald's Corp. as of the end of last year, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    That dethrones the burger giant as the largest fast food chain in the world.

    This should be no big news for sub lovers. Subway has been on McDonald's heels for a while, especially in the United State, according to Crain's Chicago.

    In 2009, the sub shop's U.S. locations surpassed McDonald's to the tune of 23,034 restaurants versus 13,980.

    At the end of 2010, Subway had 33,749 restaurants worldwide compared to McDonald's 32,737, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing late last month.