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Suburban Traffic Gets Fowled Up

Turkey causes big problems for drivers



    Suburban Traffic Gets Fowled Up
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    A wild turkey has made a Lake Bluff intersection its home, much to the dismay of local drivers.

    A wild turkey has made the intersection of Illinois Route 176 and Green Bay Road in Lake Bluff into his stomping grounds.

     The feisty tom's display comes at the dismay of local drivers who are fed up with the feathers.

    "He walks around like he's a king," Billy Duffy, 20, told the Chicago Tribune. "He walks through the streets. He's a big guy."

    With no regard to traffic, the turkey saunters out of the nearby brush and into the streets, causing pure havoc. The wild turkey is protected by federal wildlife laws, so drivers are swerving and braking hard to avoid hitting it.

    That's one fowl commute.

    The bird is responsible for at least one accident already, according to the Chicago Tribune:

    "[Billy Duffy] was heading west on Route 176 when a driver who was turning right slammed on her brakes, apparently to avoid hitting the turkey. The car behind her stopped abruptly, and Duffy, in a third vehicle, rear-ended the second car."

    Without a car, poor Duffy has been forced to quit driving.

    Cold turkey.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.

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