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Students Defend Northwestern Sexuality Class

Class activities described as vital



    Students Defend Northwestern Sexuality Class

    Northwestern University senior Irene Liang has a list of classes that have changed her life. Prof. John Michael Bailey's human sexuality class is on it.

    "It challenges you intellectually and emotionally," said Liang, an economics major who is currently enrolled in the class. "I thought it was just a fun class, but it's so much more."

    Liang attended all of Bailey's optional after-class presentations, including the sex toy demonstration that made headlines last week. At about the same time, the questions started. Will Bailey get the axe? Will the panels and activities get it?

    Liang said the rumors sound a little "out there."

    Meet the Sex Toy Fiance

    [CHI] Meet the Sex Toy Fiance
    Jim Marcus used a reciprocating saw fitted with an adult pleasure device on his fiance Faith Kroll in front of a class at Northwestern University.
    (Published Thursday, March 3, 2011)

    Sophomore Jasmine James said changing the 600-person class' structure wouldn't sit well with students.

    "I would be extremely upset," the communication studies major said. "He's such a good teacher and he makes people want to take his class."

    For her, the after-class speakers are a vital part of the course.

    Meet the Sex Tour Guide

    [CHI] Meet the Sex Tour Guide
    Ken Melvoin-­Berg, who led a panel discussion on "networking for kinky people" at Northwestern University, shows off his tool.
    (Published Thursday, March 3, 2011)

    Both Liang and James said they heard about Bailey's class long before they enrolled. The reviews were good across the board, and Liang said she recommends it to her friends as a "must take."

    "I am 100 percent behind his class," Liang

    Hannah Chanpong is a senior at Northwestern University.