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Stroger's Big Sales Tax Decision Day

Veto, video game decisions



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    To veto or not to veto, that is the question.

    In what may be one of the defining days of his Cook County board presidency, Todd Stroger must decide by the close of business today whether he will veto the sales tax rollback passed against his will last week.

    He'll announce that decision at 4 p.m. on WVON-AM.  [Listen Live]

    "If Stroger does not veto the measure, the penny-on-the-dollar tax hike would disappear Jan. 1," the Tribunereports. "He originally vowed to veto the rollback but later waffled, saying he wanted to seek out the opinions of the other countywide elected office holders."

    But that's not the only big decision on Stroger's plate today. Here's our guess at how he'll spend his big day.

    Stroger Talks

    [CHI] Stroger Talks
    Cook County Board President Todd Stroger must make a decision on whether to veto the repeal of his unpopular sales tax hike. He joins NBC5 Political Reporter Mary Ann Ahern on City Desk.
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    9 a.m.: Staff meeting to bitch about Forrest Claypool.

    10 a.m.: Decide which busboy to hire to replace Tony Cole.

    11 a.m.: Decide which cousin to hire to replace Donna Dunnings.

    Noon: Tuna or chicken salad sandwich today?

    1 p.m.: Staff meeting about how a veto works.

    2 p.m.: Playstation 2 or Wii?

    3 p.m.: Media strategy session to decide whether to alienate the Tribune or the Sun-Times this week.

    4 p.m.: How does the sales tax work again?

    4:57 p.m.: Decide to let sales tax repeal stand and turn ensuing cuts into a race issue for the upcoming election.

    4:58 p.m.: Panicked staff meeting: Why do I want to keep this job again?

    4:59 p.m.: Decide which steakhouse to go to for dinner to follow-up on item 2.

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