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Stroger Takes Stand, Vetoes Sales Tax Cut

Says he'll call for graduated roll-back instead



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    Stroger says vetoing the tax cut is the only way to keep county services like hospitals and clinics from being shut down.

    Cook County President Todd Stroger says he'll veto the sales tax repeal after nearly a week of going back and forth on the issue.

    "I will not jeopardize the well-being of county residents by allowing this faction of commissioners to end funding for vital services and destroy our health and public safety operations. There is too much at stake – for residents who desperately need these services, and for residents who deserve a government that is responsibly funded," Stroger said in a release.

    Stroger will instead call for a graduated roll-back of the 1 percent tax.

    Stroger said there aren't enough votes to override his veto.  The repeal passed the board on a vote of 12-3.  A veto override would require 14 votes. 

    Stroger Talks

    [CHI] Stroger Talks
    Cook County Board President Todd Stroger must make a decision on whether to veto the repeal of his unpopular sales tax hike. He joins NBC5 Political Reporter Mary Ann Ahern on City Desk.
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    Democratic Commissioners William Beavers, Robert Steele and Jerry Butler voted against the repeal. Two were absent from the vote: Earleen Collins (D-Chicago), and Deborah Sims (D-Chicago).