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Indiana Threatens Chicago With Giant Foam Statue of Liberty

130-feet-tall and 50,000 pounds heavy



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    Christian Goodman/St. Louis Post Dispatch
    A giant foam model of Lady Liberty looms over the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. She could preside over an Olympics 2016 celebration.

    If Chicago wins the Olympic bid, an Indiana town may show their enthusiastic support by dredging up their life-sized foam replica of the Statue of Liberty.

    The city of Hammond, Indiana has been storing a 130-foot, 50,000-pound foam replica of the Statue of Liberty ever since a St. Louis printing company gave it to them last year. 

    Plans to display the statue along the Indiana Toll Road were scrapped after engineers deemed it structurally unsuitable for outdoor use.

    But now, like a Ghostbusters sequel gone horribly wrong, the enormous replica could come lumbering toward Chicago.

    Olympic officials contacted Hammond recently to inquire about using the foam lady liberty, according to the AP.

    Hammond officials say the city has made no arrangements to take the replica out of storage. Yet.

    But you -- you can show your support for huge, unwieldy replica statues by contacting the Hammond mayor's office.