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State Sued for Blagojevich's Broken Promise

Church claims money mishap was no mistake



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    Pilgrim Baptist Church
    A news photograph of the January 2006 fire that destroyed Chicago's Pilgrim Baptist Church.

    Earlier this week, a jury couldn't decide if former Governor Rod Blagojevich was guilty, but a Chicago church is 100% positive that he promised it money.

    The city’s Pilgrim Baptist Church says Blagojevich promised it $1 million to help rebuild after a fire destroyed its administration building in January 2006.

    The church never saw a dime and has now filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois for the money.

    The grant was awarded to the Loop Lab School, which rented space within that administration building.

    At the time, the former Governor called the slip-up “a bureaucratic mistake”, but the Illinois Auditor General’s office later determined a member of Blagojevich’s staff directed the money to the school and not the church.