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State Senator Pressured to Resign

Sen. Suzi Schmidt has the weekend to decide what to do, a GOP source said



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    A highly placed GOP source says state Sen. Suzi Schmidt has the weekend to think about how to politically respond to allegations she used her job to try and persuade police to ignore her husband's domestic disturbance calls.

    Deputies were called Monday evening to the Lake Villa home of the senator and Robert Schmidt, the third time police were called since December. Robert Schmidt said his wife had scratched and bit him, but charges were declined.

    Schmidt was heard on a 911 tape released Wednesday asking Lake County sheriff’s deputies during a call on Christmas Day not to respond to her home if her husband called them.

    “I’m having a little problem with my husband right now," she was heard saying on the tape, "but it’s fine, so if he calls you, you can ignore him."

    The dispatcher said they could not ignore calls. Schmidt responded her husband might be afraid to call anyway because of her connections.

    Since then, Schmidt issued a statement saying she didn't mean to inappropriately use her title. She apologized and said she remained committed to her district's citizens. She also said she and her husband going through a difficult family matter.

    Though Schmidt has the weekend to consider what to do, a GOP source says come Monday she is likely to face calls from within her party to resign.