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Bleacher Bums Swipe School's Stadium Seating

The bleachers have a value of about $150,000



    Bleacher Bums Swipe School's Stadium Seating
    The stolen bleachers could cost up to $50,000 to replace.

    Rezin Orr Academy football games could be standing-room-only affairs next season.

    The Spartans aren't all that popular, but someone's been stealing bleachers from the West Side high school.

    And not just one or two.

    "They took the whole thing, they didn't leave not one, all we have is the frame," Alderman Ed Smith, whose district includes Rezin Orr, told WGN.

    Smith thinks the bleacher bums are selling the metal for scrap. He says it will take about $50,000 to replace the benches, which were valued at $150,000 when they were installed.

    "I want the person who took those bleachers away, I want to see them in jail.  The second thing is, the person who bought those bleachers from the person that took from here, I want that person in jail," Smith said.

    The heists are disappointing to the students, staff and faculty at the school, who just dedicated the field and bleachers this past fall. 

    "We never really had bleachers.  And at this point, it's like when you finally get something, and you work so hard to get it, but when you finally get it somebody takes it away from you," said senior Hakim Pinklyn.

    The aluminum-loving thieves starting swiping seats a couple months ago, and the school has been running surveillance cameras since then.  But their efforts have turned up nothing.

    Oddly enough, the same thing happened at a school in Michigan in 2008.