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Speeding Stop Turns Into Pot Bust

Cops find marijuana after guy goes 40 miles over limit



    Speeding Stop Turns Into Pot Bust
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    A speeding ticket led to a man getting busted for 30 pounds of pot.

    Brian K. Fortner got a speeding ticket Friday for going 40 miles-per-hour over the limit in a construction zone.

    And then police found 30 pounds of marijuana in his 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis.

    Friday afternoon around 3:30 p.m., Indiana State police stopped the 37-year-old from Maywood along I-65 for driving 94 miles-per-hour in a 55 miles-per-hour construction zone, according to a press release from Indiana State police.

    Fortner didn't have a valid driver's license and the Grand Marquis -- a rental car -- was not rented in his name, the release said.

    The canine searched the car and found three duffel bags with ten one-pound sealed food bags of hydroponic marijuana in the trunk, the release said. Each bag was labeled with a different "brand" of marijuana. Street value was estimated at $180,000.00

    Fortner was arrested and charged with dealing marijuana over thirty pounds, a class C felony. He was taken to Jasper County Jail, the release said.