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Peterson Likely Murdered Two Wives: Judge

Five of 13 statements allowed to be used in case against Peterson



    Peterson Likely Murdered Two Wives: Judge
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    Peterson's second marriage to Victoria Connolly lasted from 1982 until 1992, when Peterson started dating Savio. Connolly told the Chicago Tribune Peterson told her he could "kill her and make it look like an accident". Connolly's daughter told On the Record that Peterson was abusive and controlling to Connolly.

    The judge in Drew Peterson’s trial has decided to allow five of the 13 hearsay statements prosecutors hoped to use in their case against the ex-Bolingbrook cop.

    Judge Stephen White ruled Wednesday that Peterson likely murdered his third and fourth wives, Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson, respectively. Peterson is currently charged in the 2004 drowning death of Savio. He has denied wrongdoing in both cases.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, statements White ruled admissible include:

    • Savio's statement to her sister Anna Doman that "Drew said he's going to kill me and I would not make it to the divorce settlement, I will never get his pension or my children."
    • Two of Savio's statements in 2003 to Mary Parks, a classmate at Joliet Junior College, that Peterson "could kill her and no one would know" and that Peterson entered Savio's home, pinned her down by her throat and asked, "Why don't you just die?"
    • Stacy Peterson's statement to her pastor, Neil Schori, that she saw Peterson return home late, dressed in black and carrying a bag of women's clothing, shortly before Savio's body was found.

    Two written statements by Savio will also be allowed.

    Peterson’s case was slated to begin July 8, but was delayed due to an appeal for hearsay evidence by the prosecution.