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Local Business Donates Solar Ovens to Haiti

Illinois Company is Helping Haitians by Providing Sun Powered Ovens



    Local Business Donates Solar Ovens to Haiti
    Sun Oven's are perfect for rice and beans.

    Now that food and supplies are making their way into quake ravaged Haiti, the devastated people of that country need a place to cook.

    One local businessman has the perfect alternative to the charcol fires that are roasting at the makeshift campsites and survivor camps clustered around Port-au-Prince and all it takes is sunshine to operate.

    "Right now, each oven we get into Haiti is going to save lives," Paul Munsen Paul Munsen, president of Sun Ovens, a solar cooking business, told the Sun-Times.

    Munsen has delivered about 150 of his solar powered ovens to the island nation so far, and his company has a liscened plant on the island with about 297 more, ready to go.

    "These ovens can bake, boil and steam food so the rice and beans that the Haitians are used to eating can be easily cooked," said Munsen who plans to travel to the island personally to show people how to assemble them. 

    The practical ovens, which retail for $299, are easy to set and they make a huge difference not only on the environment but in the way of life of these people.

    "In Haiti, prior to the earthquake, people spent 55 percent of their household income to buy charcoal," Munsen told the paper. "In Haiti, charcoal is not something you do, like going into Home Depot and buying it. You have to burn trees. Today, Haiti is 98 percent deforested."