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Snow Prints Lead to Crook's Hideout

Should have waited until spring



    Snow Prints Lead to Crook's Hideout
    Not smart.

    Smooth criminals know how to cover their tracks.

    This guy is not smooth.

    Luis Ramon Gonzalez, 23, left a trail of snow prints from the back door of a house he had allegedly burglarized to the house where he was staying, police said.

    "Not many people were running through backyards in 10 inches of snow," Des Plaines Deputy Chief Rich Rozkusza told the Chicago Tribune.

    A woman spotted Gonzalez rifling through her jewelry box Tuesday afternoon and startled him. He went running out the back door and she called the cops.

    The incident just happened to occur in the middle of a snow storm, so when cops arrived they simply followed his footprints through a few backyards, over a fence or two and into a home a few doors down.

    Cops said it took 30 minutes from dispatch to arrest.

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