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Salvation Army Creates Shelter for Exploited Girls

A new home for sexually exploited women is set to open in Chicago next week



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    The Salvation Army plans to provide safe residence to a small group of women liberated from the sex trade.

    In an effort to help these women escape this world, a new residential home is set to open next week in Chicago.  "Anne's House"  has space for eight females from ages 12 to 21 who were rescued from the sex trade, according to the Chicago Tribune. .

    The shelter plan comes just weeks after a DePaul University released a study about the way pimps in Chicago recruit girls and young women for commercial sex trade sheds light on an international trafficking problem.

    "You know you can smell desperation," an unnamed pimp said in the study conducted by the DePaul University College of Law . "If she is hungry, she will go."

    Researchers found the men sought out runaways, dropouts, drug abusers, and victims of physical abuse, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    "Experts estimate there could be as many as 16,000 young people in the sex trade in Chicago, on any given day, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    At Annie's House about 24 caseworkers, counselors and therapists will be working with the young girls to help them overcome their problems and give them a sense that somebody really cares. As part of the daily routine, the girls will have access to life-skills training and school or vocational training.

    Social service agencies, police, and the courts will refer girls in need to Anne's House with hopes to make a difference.