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Shedd Aquarium, Revolution Brewing Collaborate For Second Year

Penguin Hops will be available for beer lovers Oct. 16



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    Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez

    Craft beer lovers can once again sip on the brain child of the Shedd Aquarium and Revolution Brewing.

    The team's harvest ale, Penguin Hops, is back after its successful initiation last year.

    Penguin Hops is made from hops in the Shedd's sustainable gardens. The aquarium originally planted the hops for their aesthetic value. After realizing last fall that the plant needs to be harvested, the Shedd partnered with Revolution Brewing to ensure it didn't go to waste.

    “We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Revolution’s brewers to offer a truly local, and flavorful, taste of our organic practices,” Christine Nye, Shedd’s manager of horticulture programs, said. “Conservation is at the center of our culture, and while our perennials are beautiful, they also represent our value of sustainability.”

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    The duo raised $2,500 last year, and both parties are eager for a second opportunity.

    “We jumped at the chance to continue our collaboration with Shedd this year,” said Josh Deth, Chairman of the Party at Revolution Brewing. “With the overwhelming success of last year’s brew, we were excited to help the city’s aquarium craft a new batch of Penguin Hops to
    support the important conservation work they do."

    Enjoying this brew does more than just elevate a person's hipster status. For every pint sold, Revolution Brewery will donate one dollar to the Shedd's conservation initiatives.

    Starting Oct. 16, beer connoisseurs can find Penguin Hops at Revolution's Brewpub, Revolution's Tap Room and other select establishments around Chicago.